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Hello, my name is David. Last year, I moved into a new home with my partner in Perth, Australia. We really loved the place but we soon realised we would need to put some pictures on the walls to make it a little more personal and homely. I am an amateur photographer so I have plenty of great snaps. My partner suggested that I use these and suggested I contact a printing service. The guys at the printing service were great and recommended the best sizes for the screenprints. I was really impressed with the results and I learnt a lot about the benefit of using a printing service. Enjoy my blog!


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Are you looking for bookbinding services?
11 June 2020

Why do people read books? Normally the point of a

Are you looking for bookbinding services?

Why do people read books? Normally the point of a book is that it conveys information. It might be a story, a 'how-to' book or a set of company accounts. The information contained in the book is always of primary importance, but the bookbinding method used is also important.

Why does the bookbinding method matter?

Whether you are a publisher seeking a bookbinding solution for 1000s of book copies or simply looking for a way to bind a copy of your company accounts for the last year, you can't afford to get the binding wrong.

Which bookbinding choice should you make?

In most cases, your bookbinding choice will be governed primarily by two considerations: price and size. If you are creating a smaller booklet, then saddle stitching could be the right choice. It is one of the cheapest types of bookbinding since it uses staples rather than glue, however, it isn't suitable for larger books.

For most conventional paperback books 'perfect binding' is the preferred option. A perfect employs adhesive to attach the book to the cover. The result is a strong binding that should survive multiple reads of the book.

While perfect binding to great for paperback books, if you want to create a hardcover book, then an alternative solution is needed. Most hardcover books employ case binding which could be manufactured using cloth, paper, leather or any other material of your choice. Books made with a case binding should be strong enough to last many years and can be read on many occasions over the years.

Do you want a really special book?

If you aren't seeking a mass-produced bookbinding solution, then why not opt for a handcrafted binding. Handcrafted options are rarely cheap, but they can provide you with a unique product that you will treasure for generations. Whether you are seeking to bind historic company records for display in the boardroom, a treasured family photo album or a beloved family Bible, handcrafted bookbinding lets you incorporate library crests, gold tooling, raised bands and foiling to create a truly beautiful design that would enhance any bookshelf.

Whatever your bookbinding needs may be, you should always start your search by working out your budget and then speaking to your local bookbinding company about the options they have available. The company will be able to talk you through each of the choices and show you how your finished book could look.

Look for bookbinding services in your area.