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Hello, my name is David. Last year, I moved into a new home with my partner in Perth, Australia. We really loved the place but we soon realised we would need to put some pictures on the walls to make it a little more personal and homely. I am an amateur photographer so I have plenty of great snaps. My partner suggested that I use these and suggested I contact a printing service. The guys at the printing service were great and recommended the best sizes for the screenprints. I was really impressed with the results and I learnt a lot about the benefit of using a printing service. Enjoy my blog!


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4 Ways of Keeping Your Brochures Effective in 2021 and Beyond

In today's online world, it may seem as if there's no place for print advertising. Indeed, digital ads, social media, and other platforms have dominated the advertising space. The saturation of digital channels has presented a unique opportunity for print media to shine.

This is the time to prepare attractive, customised, and environmentally friendly brochures that stand out from other types of advertising messages. But how can you design and print your brochures to communicate a strong message that resonates with your target audience?

1.    Give them an authentic feel

Digital ads are becoming cliché, with many companies copying ideas and replicating the same message. You can stand out from this redundant mess by printing brochures. A well-prepared brochure feels authentic, unique, and attractive to potential customers. Furthermore, you have more freedom (and space) to communicate your message without interruptions.

Modern printers can use unique colour combinations, pictures, and text to break down a complex message into words that are easy to understand.  

2.    Customise them

Another way of making your brochures effective is by customising them to your target audience. In a world driven by data, you have the unique opportunity to understand what your customers want, how they want it and where they want it. Using this information, design brochures that address the main concerns of your customers.

Retailers can use pictures, scented pages, cut-outs and other unique designs to communicate new fashion ideas, home appliances and garden tools, among others. Similarly, manufacturers can use a variety of textures and messaging strategies on brochures to attract the readers' attention.

3.    Make them environmentally friendly

The biggest knock against print advertising is that it uses too much paper. However, printing has become more friendly to the environment in many different ways. From using recycled paper to biodegradable ink and two-sided printing, there are many opportunities for attracting the attention of those who love the environment.

Work with printing companies that use environmentally-friendly techniques and proudly display these strategies on your brochures. Embracing green printing will help you stand out from competitors while you leverage a unique marketing channel.  

4.    Keep costs low

Advertising with brochures in 2021 would be ineffective if you can't keep costs low. In most cases, brochure advertising is not nearly as expensive as other digital channels. But you can also further reduce costs by printing on a large scale, using smart tools such as artificial intelligence, and planning your designs early during the process. A customised messaging strategy also increases ROI and helps you minimise costs.

Talk to a printing shop to get more help.