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Hello, my name is David. Last year, I moved into a new home with my partner in Perth, Australia. We really loved the place but we soon realised we would need to put some pictures on the walls to make it a little more personal and homely. I am an amateur photographer so I have plenty of great snaps. My partner suggested that I use these and suggested I contact a printing service. The guys at the printing service were great and recommended the best sizes for the screenprints. I was really impressed with the results and I learnt a lot about the benefit of using a printing service. Enjoy my blog!


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Printing Services Every Cottage Kitchen Business Needs

Running a cottage kitchen business requires several legal steps. These steps include getting the right permits and certifications to pass the kitchen inspection from local health departments. In the midst of getting these certifications and permits, you may forget about the actual business and advertising needs. Here are a few of the printing services every cottage kitchen business needs and what you need to know about each one.

Logo Design

One of the key aspects of your cottage kitchen business is the right logo. You want something simple but eye-catching. You also want a logo that will translate well to labels, business cards, your website, and social media. Your printing service can help you with the design and help you to get that design on the printing jobs you request. This logo can also be copyrighted by you and kept on file with the printing service for later use or alterations if necessary.

Labelling Services

The items you ship out need labelling. Though you may think about the labels for the actual products, you may overlook other labelling needs. For example, you need mailing labels, shipping labels that can be filled in with the customers' information, instruction labels if the items need further baking, as well as other label options depending on the items being shipped. Your printing service probably has a wide range of labels that are available, including waterproof labels for items that would be exposed to damp environments and may lose their integrity if they were printed on traditional label options.

Business Brochures

The business brochure for your cottage kitchen is vital for new and returning customers. It should be included in correspondence and included in each box you ship out. This brochure gives the pricing and items you have in your cottage kitchen selection. It can also showcase seasonal items as well as discount codes that can be used on future orders. Your printing service can help you develop the best business brochure to showcase these key points as well as develop a social media version for you that translates from the printed option easily.

These are just a few of the printing services your cottage kitchen needs. If you are ready to get started, contact your local printing service. They can help you with these aspects and other printing options for your business. They can also keep some of your information on file so you can easily reorder items without having to go through the complete process again.