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Hello, my name is David. Last year, I moved into a new home with my partner in Perth, Australia. We really loved the place but we soon realised we would need to put some pictures on the walls to make it a little more personal and homely. I am an amateur photographer so I have plenty of great snaps. My partner suggested that I use these and suggested I contact a printing service. The guys at the printing service were great and recommended the best sizes for the screenprints. I was really impressed with the results and I learnt a lot about the benefit of using a printing service. Enjoy my blog!


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Why It Is Ideal to Outsource Your Commercial Printing Needs

Every business has printing needs. Because of this, all offices will have an office printer that will handle the day-to-day printing needs of the business. However, when it comes to the creation of customised, top-quality prints that will be used for marketing the business — such as brochures, product catalogues and so on — it is best to seek commercial printing services and outsource these needs to them. Some business owners make the mistake of assuming they will be keeping their operational costs low by opting to print these items on their own, but the reality is low-quality prints will only harm the reputation of your business. This article lists three reasons why it is ideal to outsource your commercial printing needs.

Keep your costs low

Surprisingly, outsourcing your commercial printing needs is more likely to keep your costs down than embarking on the printing project on your own! For starters, you do not have to invest in new equipment and additional supplies for a large printing project that your regular office printer will not be able to complete. Secondly, you also do not have to engage in the maintenance required to keep large, commercial printers in good condition. Lastly, you avoid costly mistakes that will result in having to repeat the printing job and subsequently waste supplies!

Fast printing times

Time is money. Whatever project you are planning, it is critical that you receive the prints that you need in good time so that you can get the ball rolling. Commercial printing services are equipped to meet your desired turnaround time since a reputable printing company will have specialised tools and devices to ensure that they can mass-produce high-quality prints. This rapid printing time is also highly beneficial to business owners that need last-minute prints — for instance, if you need to relay important information to clients as soon as possible.

Consistent quality prints

Another reason why you should leave commercial printing to the professionals is to ensure the quality of your finished prints remains consistent. While an office printer will work fine at the onset, over the years, it will start to produce errors such as improper formatting of documents or faded colours on the documents. A commercial printing company, on the other hand, has invested in the latest printing technology that will ensure high-resolution prints every single time. Moreover, a commercial printing company needs to engage in meticulous maintenance to ensure that the quality of their work is never compromised.